About Walking Fooball


Do you enjoy football, do you have a team spirit and are you at least 50 years old? Walking football is a unique ball game created in 2011 in England.

The new activity was presented on 22 September 2017 at a press conference by the Secretary General of the FAČR, Rudolf Řepka, saying: “We want to devote ourselves to football at any age so that it is accessible to all. It is to be love for life. That is why we are launching projects such as veteran football (40+) and now also senior walking football“.

On the same day, the first official match between the Czech Republic and Slovakia took place as part of a demonstration tournament in Strahov. The home team made up of Senior fitness players from the Czech Republic then lost 1:2.

Walking football (without running) offers movement and entertainment to all those who, due to age or health and movement problems, would no longer be able to practice classic football. It is played by teams with five players in the field and a goalkeeper in a quarter of a classic field with small goals. The minimum playing time is 2 x 10 minutes.

You can find the exact rules here.

Did we interest you? You have a unique opportunity. Complete our ranks and come and play WALKING FOOTBALL.

  • We will be happy to help you organise teams and trainings.
  • We also offer training for coaches and referees.
  • We organise tournaments where you can test your skill.

Do not hesitate and join 🙂